How to Resume Failed/Expired Downloads in UC Browser

If you are a UC Browser user then you might have faced download failed or link expired error while downloading any file. This is a common issue which we face many times in UC Browser. This happens because of the Internet connectivity when you change your data from mobile to Wifi or some files are not resume supported and you resume them then it shows download failed or link expired error.

Once you face this error then you can’t resume the download of that file instead of that you will have to download the file again from the beginning. But here we have got a solution for that error. Now, if you face expired link or download failed error even then also you can resume the download using this trick.

resume expired download uc browser

Resume Expired/Failed Downloads in UC Browser

I’ve shared a trick which helps you in Resuming the downloads of UC Browser. By this method, you can resume any file which shows error. You just need to follow some steps which are as mentioned below. If you are using the latest version of UC Browser then it might not work for you but still, you can give it a try.

How to Resume Downloads in Uc Browser

So, here is the complete guide to resume expired/failed downloads of UC Browser. You just need to follow these steps carefully one by one.

  • At first, you will have to download ES File Explorer on your mobile phone.
  • Now open the UC Browser and go to the Downloads section.
  • There you will find that your downloading file is showing the error of Retrying or Link Expired.
  • Now open ES File Explorer and there open UC Downloads folder.
  • There you will find that there are two files of the same name which you are downloading in UC Browser.
  • Move these both files to any other folder except UC Browser.
  • Open UC Browser again and copy the download link to your file which you are downloading or open the same URL from where you downloaded the file earlier.
  • After coping the link go to downloads and delete the downloading file which is showing error.
  • Now open the copied link or the URL from where you downloaded that file earlier.
  • Start the downloading again of that file.
  • Now you will find that file starts downloading from the beginning.
  • Pause the downloading file.
  • Now open UC Browser folder again on your mobile and you will find two files there of the same name. Delete these both files.
  • Then copy these both files which we moved to any other folder earlier. Paste these both files in UC Browser folder.
  • Open the UC Browser and resume the paused file.
  • That’s it, Now your file downloading will start where it was stopped earlier.

Ending the Article-

As we all know that UC Browser is one of the best browsers for downloading purpose but sometimes it gives error while downloading the file. That’s why here we shared a complete guide to resume the expired or failed downloads in UC Browser.

I hope you liked the article if so then do not forget to share it with your friends so that they can also get benefitted. If you are having any query or facing any error while following these steps then please let us know via the comments section below. We will be happy to solve your query.

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