5 Essential Products & Services For Your New Home

Buying a new home can be an extremely exhausting process. You may not have thought about the things you will have to do after buying the house of your dreams. Have you built a new home? Are you confused what to do next? Are you unable decide what to do first because you have a lot on your plate? Well, take a breather because we’re going to help you prioritize the work on your agenda. Here is a list of the top 5 essential services and products that you should consider right after you buy your new home, they’ll make your life easier and more comfortable:

Home Repair Services

Moving into a new neighborhood can be daunting. Maybe your new neighbors are not very welcoming, or your neighborhood association has certain restrictions. Either way, it could be difficult to ask for help if you need repair or general maintenance work at your house. You may also be concerned with skyrocketing costs caused by leaking pipes or a faulty gas connection. A great way to ease all of these concerns is to purchase a general maintenance package. These packages ensure that your house maintenance is covered at a reasonable price without the headaches that generally accompany these types of repairs. Take a look at First Energy Cleveland for more information on home repair and maintenance packages.

Power Surge Coverage

An electrical power surge can be an outrageous experience. It puts excessive stress on your electrical outlets. It’s not only a safety hazard for you and your loved ones but it can destroy expensive electrical equipment like televisions, game consoles, laptops, refrigerators, etc. Electrical surges can happen through a number of reasons, but the most common cause is lightning. In the U.S., lightning strikes occur frequently and without warning. Around 30 million lightning strikes are recorded annually in America. It’s important to ensure proper insulation and installation of the electrical wiring in your new home. Exposed and faulty wires are another major cause of electrical surges. Other reasons include overloading circuits past their limit, power outages, and high-energy electrical appliances.

Consider a Smart Home

While you may think of smart homes as a thing of the future they aren’t. Smart homes are utilizing existing technology to create more comfortable homes. Smart homes bring convenience, precision, and energy and cost savings into your home. A number of smart products are available and are easily accessible. Here are a just a few of them that you can find on First Energy Cleveland:

Smart Lighting. This can be a great investment when you’re installing new lights in your home. Each has their own unique features and options to choose from. And smart light bulbs are great way to save on energy costs.

Smart Plugs and Switches. Smart switches and smart plugs can lead to a lower electric bill, and both products allow you to control the devices from your cell phone.

Smart CO/Smoke Detectors. An extremely important device to protect your house from fire damage and the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Smart Sprinklers. If you are a nature lover and have a garden you will love this device and so will your plants. It’s simple to use and you can control it from anywhere on your device.

Smart Locks. Get peace of mine with smart door locks. This is a great device for home security as well as those who are absent minded. Phone notifications will let you know your door is unlocked.

Network and Wi-Fi

The internet is one of the major utilities of the modern age. A good internet package with Wi-Fi is now a necessity. Whether keeping in touch with friends and family or emailing work to your boss, both need a strong internet connection. A number of devices can provide the latest technology at an affordable price. Here are a few of them:

Google Nest Wi-Fi point

Google Nest Wi-Fi router

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Router/Hub 3-Pack

Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream™ AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Router/Hub

If you are searching for a reliable source to make your purchase, check out the products at First Energy Cleveland.

Voice Assistant

A voice assistant is a great tool for anyone, but especially stay at home moms. A voice assistant is great way to keep kids occupied in a pinch. It offers convenience through simple voice commands and allows you to complete daily tasks without manual effort. A wide variety of these devices can be found at First Energy Cleveland.

These are a just few things that you should consider for your new home. These products and services can make your life easier and offer much needed relief to the rigors of home ownership.

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