Enjoy Scheduling Emails with Snovio Email Management Tools

This article will be helpful to those who have started their way into email marketing. You might be interested in what email management is and which tools may help you. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some details of email management and see which tool might be useful for you.


What is email management?

Basically, email management is the process of controlling all the steps of email marketing. The steps are composing emails, sending the first messages, tracking them, and spreading follow-ups.

So now you can say email management is organizing emails on every step of brand promotion. You may need to track the emails that you have to send to others. You will need to send emails to your target audience to grow your business for that you need to schedule the emails to send them in proper time.

What is an email management tool?

The tool which manages all the functions of the email management process is known as an email management tool. But only one tool is not enough. You need a set of tools to complete the email management process.

Quite often a company tries numerous tools for each purpose. For example one tool for composing emails, another for sending emails, the third for tracking messages, and so on and so forth. That’s not cool because they have to pay for every feature separately and it turns out that they spend lots of money.

Which is why it is recommended to concentrate on searching for an all-in-one tool.

Advantages of email management tool

There is a number of benefits of email management instruments but I’ve listed the most important below.

  • Email management tool helps to do multiple email management work in just minutes.
  • You don’t need to invest much for email marketing with the email management tool.
  • You need not to hire an employee for email management if you can use the email management tool.
  • You can schedule emails prior hand to meet the times of sending emails.
  • The tool gives you the opportunity to track emails.
  • You can easily automatically send follow-
  • You can make the process of email management time-saving and cost-
  • You can also connect to a huge target audience through email.

These are the common advantages of an email management tool but Snovio comes up with extra tools. Let’s know the benefits of email management tool offered by Snovio.

Advantages of Snovio email management tool

snovio email

  • You can create an email drip campaign to reach out to people in the email sequence and distribute messages to everyone.
  • You can also send personalized emails to specific people whom you want to reach specifically with proper attention. Personalized emails have a good impact.
  • With Snovio Drip Campaigns, you can send follow-ups to the leads automatically. For this, you have simply to set a trigger with a definite time and start the campaign.
  • You can also send emails to a person from only the extension of the website. The tool will automatically redirect you to send an email to the owner of the website. Which makes the process of connecting easy and quick.
  • The tool also provides users with detailed statistics. This way you will always stay aware of how well the campaign performs: you will see how many times each email was opened, each link was followed, and how many replies you’ve got from every recipient.


Snovio Drip Campaigns tool is a solution for everyone who wants to try email marketing but doesn’t know which tool to start with. Within it, you will find everything you need for the successful email marketing campaign. Moreover, Snovio also offers other tools, like email finder and verifier, email tracker, and technology, checker. All features under one roof is convenient, isn’t it?

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