The Advantages of Gaming as Opposed to Playing the Sport for Real

Gaming can be considered a sport in itself as by its very nature it is competitive. It is, after all, about competitors attempting to beat each other, and so realistic that you can experience nature playing it. Every blade of grass on a football pitch, for instance, can visually be seen, if not smelt, which is good news for hayfever sufferers. Companies such as VamosGG can make playing eSport possible. Games can be streamed for the convenience of playing different sports to decide which we enjoy playing the best.

No Need to Travel

One of the key advantages of gaming is that you can play with those from all around the world without having to travel. This is certainly a bonus when there is a pandemic. We do not need to leave our armchair or our house, let alone our country. It is a convenient way to socialize safely with like-minded individuals in terms of playing sports that we are familiar with or those that are new to us and therefore offer an added level of excitement.

With fantasy-type sports, we can play with a level playing field as nobody will have any prior knowledge of the rules of the sport. Yes, we might have acquired some of the skills from similar gaming experiences, but there will be aspects of a game that are new. It is fun to explore these. It will involve an exploration that requires no actual travel, just the need to navigate the multiple screens of the game.

Gaming can also take place on the move. While waiting for a bus, for example. It is an enjoyable way to pass the time when nothing else would fill that gap so enjoyably. Others may wonder what you are playing and so you might meet another friend or two that way.

Additional Cost Savings

It can be far more cost-effective to play a sport from home. Apart from the fact that there is no need to travel, you do not have to buy all the equipment and protective clothing associated with that sport. You have your computer or mobile device already and so then just have to stream the games to it.

Streaming services are a cost-effective way to get into gaming as well as space-saving in that you do not end up with a shelf full of software to accommodate. Some of which you might not play again once you have moved onto the next eSport that has got you hooked. Streaming allows you to try different eSports to find the ones you enjoy playing the best.

Physical Contact

Some of us might feel squeamish about physical contact. For instance, would we want to have a sword fight with someone for real, even if it was only with a safe fencing sword? We might desire to fight others realistically but in the knowledge that we could not hurt them.


Inside a computer game, you can be any character that you want to be. You can find a new confidence with the other gamers that you play with, hiding behind a character that they perhaps fear because of its special powers. It can be an empowering experience. We can then swap roles to take it in turns at being the powerfully equipped player or the weaker underdog fighting for achievement or justice.

The elements

We will be grateful that we are playing indoors when seeing that it is wet outside or are feeling cold from a door that has been left open. This makes gaming a great alternative for the winter months. But then, why restrict our playing to just the winter months when we have made so many friends online? To be away from them for months would seem like we were neglecting our best friends. It is a balance between spending time indoors and outdoors but there are certainly times when we would rather be indoors, no matter what season it is.

So, lots of advantages to gaming compared with playing the real sport. Sometimes it would be too time-consuming to get involved in the real sport or too costly to contemplate learning and playing so many different sports. Imagine the cost of obtaining the equipment for everyone. Think about how much space it would take up. It is the equivalent of a shelf full of books compared to one eReader. Gaming can certainly be seen as a space-saving solution to entertainment.

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