General Mistakes That Result in Data Loss

Losing your identity has become too common nowadays. You won’t even know somebody used your data to fulfill their objectives and leave you only to pay the price. It has said that a man/women learn from their mistakes, surely they do but why not go the other way around of taking precautionary steps to avoid this threat? Exactly. We’ve assembled a few points that could further guide you into realizing how not careful you’ve been and how you can improve your surroundings by fulfilling only a few steps.

General Mistakes That Result in Data Loss


Emails not protected while not in use:

Your workstation would be having more than one email account running at a single time. Your PC, smartphone etc. all would be having a Gmail account (most commonly used) and are very much in danger. For example, you leave your desk to grab a snack in break hours and in the state of hurry, you forget to lock your folders and screen and on returning, you realize things aren’t the same anymore. Many people actually lost their jobs because of this simple act which can be easily avoided.

Deleting permanently isn’t the end:

A myth that needs to be addressed that when you delete a file even from the recycle bin, it is gone forever. This isn’t true anymore as, by a few tools, the deleted file can be recovered in no time. What you can do here is to prevent this from happening is either restrict anyone from using your PC with or without your supervision or simply get a hold of file shredder that would actually get rid of the unwanted yet sensitive files forever.

The bait concept:

Just as like bait is given to a fish to lure it into a trap, the same is now being done to the masses as well. You while surfing the internet would have encountered a number of multiple ads of your interest where false claims would be made to make sure you fall for their trap. To check if it’s a misleading link or an actual link, you can check whether the link has HTTPS (secure) attached to the start of the link. If not, return back to safety.

Encrypt your Data:

Like it or not, there are still a number of ways through which hackers can breakthrough your average protection and even after taking all the steps as precautions as mentioned above. A smart hacker only needs your IP address and without even changing, its location, your data can be easily compromised. But here, best encryption software for windows can help you as any file once encrypted cannot be decrypted by a hacker unless you give them the password which surely has lower chances of happening.

Avoid being friends with people you don’t know:

In many cases, we receive requests of new people either on Facebook, Skype etc. and to understand them and their culture, we actually make them a part of fthe riend list. But a few days later, you realize somebody using your system while you could do nothing but stood to watch. A technique exists that lets your contacts share screens with each other but sharing screen without your utter permission is something to be scared of.


The best you could do is keep low, and avoid the spotlight. The hackers and intruders only get attracted when they see you have something from which they can benefit. It may be your lifestyle, your work, your interest etc. keep your social circle to the least level and avoid making contact with people you do not trust online.

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